Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cayden's Monthly Updates Birth - 8 Months!

Hello Everyone!

So I have never updated on Cayden on my youtube channel as I don't want to have him in a ton of my videos. I hope you all understand, but I would still love to share with you all what Cayden has been doing!! 

So I'm going to break it down for ya, and then going to be updating on Cayden monthly on my blog. Of course I might have a video or 2 posted on youtube, but ya know! 

K lets get to it! 

(These are the notes as I have written down for his scrapbook)

1 Month

-Fussy Monster
-Throwing up all the time (This was before we found out her had a dairy intolerance)
-Just started to smile and coo
-Loves his rattle and car seat
-Loves to nap in his swing
-HATES tummy time
-Loves walks and being outside
-Wants to stand (Can support his own weight)

2 Months

-Coos and smiles all the time
-Took first nap in his crib (Didn't last long! )
-First camping trip (It was crappy weather!)
-Loves his play mat. (Tries to swat at toys.)
-Tries to roll over while doing tummy time. 
-Tried exersaucer for first time. 
-Likes to sit in highchair.
-Can hold toys if you give them to him. 
-Grabs hair!!
-Sucks on his fist!

3 Months

-July 2nd rolled over by himself from tummy to back
-July 5th rolled over by himself from back to tummy
-Enjoys tummy time more
-Loves elly and mr. bunny
- Giggles and laughs when you laugh
-Went to the cabin for the first time
-Went swimming for the first time! (Didn't like it at first, the water was cold!!)
- First boat ride
- Can touch his feet to the ground when in exersaucer!!
- Had a nap in the playpen (Again didn't last long!)
- Likes to nap in car seat
- First Canada Day (Mommy and Cayden made a shirt!) 
- Likes sitting in his new bumbo! (Doesn't like the tray though)
- Learnt to suck his thumb

4 Months

- Neck tickles!
- Found his toes!
- His personality is coming through
- Fits 6-9 month clothing
- Fits some 3 month clothing

5 Months

- Tried his first solids, did not like them!
- Tried baby mums mums and LOVES them
- Swimming lessons! He did so well!
- Loves rolling onto his tummy!
- Likes avocado!
- Snorts when he laughs! (Just like Mommy!)
- 17 Pounds!!!

6 Months

- Spits
- Squeals!
- Knows how to move around on the floor! (Rolling and spinning!)
- Loves his prune juice!
- Drinks from a sippy cup!
- Says da da da da da
- Likes peaches and squash!

7 Months

-19.5 pounds 29 inches
- Army crawling Nov 11
- Shakes his head No No No
- Uses his hand to go ababababa

8 Months

- First tooth Nov 20th
- Army crawls everywhere
- Says dad, dada, and nana
- LOVES carrots! HATES Peas!
-LOVESSS Yogurt!
-Can get to tummy from sitting position
- Can sit from tummy position
- Tries to stand up on everything!
- Walks if you hold him up
- Eats lots of BIG people food! (Likes to try everything!)

So yeah that was a mouthful! going forward my updates will be a little more in depth! Just it would of taken me FOREVER if I got into detail about every month, but I think you get the most of it! 

Anyways my little Cayden isn't so little anymore and it growing so fast!!! It's crazy!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

WOW, Has it sure been while since I wrote on this blog! Lets be honest, I started it, and after my little man was born it hit the back burner and fell apart!

So what is my plan now with this blog? 

Well first off what would you like to see from me? I plan on doing more in depth reviews on mommy and baby products, as I don't see the need to fill up my channel with just reviews. I don't believe that would be what you guys want to see. This way on my blog I can go a little more in depth, and only if you are interested in it do you have to check it out. 

I also am going to use this blog as an outlet of my feelings on being a new mother. The stresses, the fun and the chaos! 

And lastly, I am going to put monthly updates on my main man here! I haven't done any updates on him on my youtube as I don't want to plaster Cayden all over the internet. I just get scared with all the creeps out there, and don't want to have his face all out there. I hope you all understand. 

So if you ever did look at my blog when I first started it you may also notice that I revamped the look of it as well. I slowly have been able to understand how to work this whole blog thing.. haha. What do you think ?? 

Anyways that's all for this mama this time! Please check back as I will be having more post here this time.. I promise!! 



Saturday, March 9, 2013

Is it time yet?

So I am 39 weeks and 4 days today, and getting a little anxious! I can NOT wait to meet this beautiful baby boy! 

I have definitely been trying EVERYTHING to induce myself naturally! Going for walks, spicy food, sex (yes I said it...) , pineapple, red raspberry leaf tea, and bouncing on my exercise ball. Is there anything I missed? 

I have started feeling cramping all the time though, and then I'm sitting there thinking.. Is this it!?! Is it time!? And then they go away which is so disappointing. I know I'm not 40 weeks yet, but I want him here ASAP, and I have this feeling deep down that I will be going over my due date. :( 

I want him to stay in there as long as he needs too. But I definitely don't want to have to be induced. I would much rather experience going into labour naturally. That being said my doctor said he would not let me go over 10 days overdue. So I know I will have this little boy in my arms by March 21st/2013 by the LATEST! Which is less then 2 weeks away! 

Anyways, I feel like I am just babbling at this point.. 



38 VS. 39 Weeks

Monday, February 18, 2013

My First Blog!

So I have decided to finally begin blogging! Sometimes blogging is easier I must admit. It's hard sometimes with everything that is going on to find the time to sit down and be able to record a video!

So I know I missed my 36 week update, but I plan on having my 37 week update uploaded to my pregnancy channel on thursday!

For those who have decided to check out my blog, I can fill you in on a little that is going on!

I am cramping all the time now. As you all know I was in the hospital a couple weeks ago with contractions. Since then I have began to feel so uncomfortable! I'm out of breathe all the time, and feel him moving around so low in my stomach. If I walk for long distances, I begin to get such bad cramping. I have a feeling that I will not be making it to 40 weeks, but who knows?

I just can't wait to meet my son. Seeing other youtubers such as Lindsay and Channing with their newborns makes me so jealous! But I definitely want my son to stay in there until he is ready to come out. Speaking of which, my doctor has been a little concerned about my size. Which obviously concerns me! :( Nothing to the point of wanting me to have an ultrasound, but he was asking if I was smoking or anything that may affect his weight. Which I am not! But then he told me not to worry and he should gain weight within the next couple weeks! But my scare is what if he doesn't stay in there that long?

Anyways I don't want to get into everything, and I have another DRs appointment on thurs, so I am sure I will know more before I film my 37 week update!

Which btw I am 37 weeks today! yay! Full TERM! Anyday now! :)



34 Weeks VS. 36 Weeks