Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Impress Manicure Canada Voxbox Review.

Hello Everyone! 

I have another review for you today! It's on another VoxBox that I was lucky enough to receive and review thanks to Influenster! 

The Voxbox I received was the Impress Manicure Canada Voxbox.  The contents of the voxbox included 2 press on manicure from Impress. Now I have received this before in the first Canada Voxbox sent out, so I had already had a go at this before. I'm going to let you know right off the bat this is not my favourite! 

So these are the 2 manicures that I received! First off I love the colours! The villains colour is my favourite, I could totally see myself wear this with a black dress, for a date night or night out with the girls! I loved the mirrored (holographic) effect and it screams sexy to me! Haha. The second one is something I could wear on a regular basis. Nothing too fancy, but still something I would wear! 

So lets get on to the claims.. 


- Yes! This was super easy to apply, and definitely did the job when I was in a rush and running behind while getting ready for my friends wedding. I did not have time to paint my nails, and with this it took minutes, and didn't have to worry about smearing my nail polish while running out the door! It didn't require any glue, and you just had to press it on to the nail and you were good to go! 


- Yes! Easily put! The 'glue' used in the press on manicure is so gentle I noticed no damage when these were removed! 


- Yes! This is true as well, it was undamaging to the nail, which I loved and super easy to remove. You could just peel it off and not damage the nail. It was so easy in fact they fell off before you even wanted them too.. Okay I'm getting ahead of myself here.. this leads us onto the last claim.. 


- BIG FAT NO! This is why I would never purchase this product, and this is why I am so disappointed with this product!! Now, I know this claims has a * beside it, but it doesn't even last an hour! Honestly before I even made it to the wedding I wore this too one fell off! I wasn't even doing anything crazy! I was pulling Cayden's zippy cup out of the diaper bag and 'POP goes the weasel!" By the end of the night, I had 3 fingers missing nails! I was so embarrassed, I pulled the rest of them off. 

So all in all.. this seems amazing, but it isn't. It isn't something I would purchase myself, and I find that extremely disappointing as it seemed like the best quick and says mommy manicure. All I can say is save yourself the money, and buy the good old glue on ones! 

I hope you all enjoyed my review! Thanks for reading, I'll catch ya next time!!