Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

WOW, Has it sure been while since I wrote on this blog! Lets be honest, I started it, and after my little man was born it hit the back burner and fell apart!

So what is my plan now with this blog? 

Well first off what would you like to see from me? I plan on doing more in depth reviews on mommy and baby products, as I don't see the need to fill up my channel with just reviews. I don't believe that would be what you guys want to see. This way on my blog I can go a little more in depth, and only if you are interested in it do you have to check it out. 

I also am going to use this blog as an outlet of my feelings on being a new mother. The stresses, the fun and the chaos! 

And lastly, I am going to put monthly updates on my main man here! I haven't done any updates on him on my youtube as I don't want to plaster Cayden all over the internet. I just get scared with all the creeps out there, and don't want to have his face all out there. I hope you all understand. 

So if you ever did look at my blog when I first started it you may also notice that I revamped the look of it as well. I slowly have been able to understand how to work this whole blog thing.. haha. What do you think ?? 

Anyways that's all for this mama this time! Please check back as I will be having more post here this time.. I promise!! 



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