Monday, February 18, 2013

My First Blog!

So I have decided to finally begin blogging! Sometimes blogging is easier I must admit. It's hard sometimes with everything that is going on to find the time to sit down and be able to record a video!

So I know I missed my 36 week update, but I plan on having my 37 week update uploaded to my pregnancy channel on thursday!

For those who have decided to check out my blog, I can fill you in on a little that is going on!

I am cramping all the time now. As you all know I was in the hospital a couple weeks ago with contractions. Since then I have began to feel so uncomfortable! I'm out of breathe all the time, and feel him moving around so low in my stomach. If I walk for long distances, I begin to get such bad cramping. I have a feeling that I will not be making it to 40 weeks, but who knows?

I just can't wait to meet my son. Seeing other youtubers such as Lindsay and Channing with their newborns makes me so jealous! But I definitely want my son to stay in there until he is ready to come out. Speaking of which, my doctor has been a little concerned about my size. Which obviously concerns me! :( Nothing to the point of wanting me to have an ultrasound, but he was asking if I was smoking or anything that may affect his weight. Which I am not! But then he told me not to worry and he should gain weight within the next couple weeks! But my scare is what if he doesn't stay in there that long?

Anyways I don't want to get into everything, and I have another DRs appointment on thurs, so I am sure I will know more before I film my 37 week update!

Which btw I am 37 weeks today! yay! Full TERM! Anyday now! :)



34 Weeks VS. 36 Weeks

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